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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Why Doesn't Hallmark Have a Card for This?

Yeah, so yesterday was my three-year blogiversary. I didn't even get my blog flowers or anything. My blog was cool about it, though. We didn't make a big deal of it. We just stayed in and made sweet, sweet love all night. Three years on and my blog and I still know how to make one another feel loved. Oh, blog. I'd choose a random Blogger template and create you all over again.

Happy Bloggiversary, yo!
Wow. If the 3-year anniversary is sweet, sweet making of the love all night, what is the 4th?
A donkey show?
Matching tattoos?
Season tix to Nascar?
Happy Blogiversary! I just celebrated my 5th last week. No one even left me a comment.
Huzzah! Happy Bloggiversary! I look forward to three more years of cynicism and suicidal rants about the awful state of America's children.
Happy blogiversary, little bro! Hope your real anniversary garnered more attention, lol.
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