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Wednesday, September 26, 2007



Yeah, yeah, I know. Not only am I no longer all that fucking funny, but now I'm bringing the unfunny on an appallingly infrequent basis. I'm the Chris Tucker of random topic blogging.

There are a lot of things I could blame, I suppose, for nosedive in both my bloggy and legitimate writing lately. There's the fact that my wife loves the Baked Ruffles with the cheddar powder on them and sometimes eats them at the computer, leaving the keyboard coated with a dusting of faux curd that I then have to scrub off. (As far as complaints about one's wife go, that kind of nitpicky shit is all I've got, so I'll take the occasional messy keyboard and count myself unutterably lucky.)

There's my old excuse that school has started up, leaving me exhausted and, more often than not, drunk.

Add to that this fucking leg pain, the end of which I'm praying comes soon after I show up an hour and a half early for my goddamn doctor's appointment tomorrow morning.

But, y'know, the truth is I'm just not feeling goddamn funny lately. Everything's just looking kind of grey to me at the moment.

All is not lost, though. I'm thinking that my spirits are about to be dragged up into the upper atmosphere any time now. Y'see, I've got the premiere episode of ABC's new Cavemen sitcom on my DVR and I just know that, the second I start watching it, my faith in a just and righteous universe will be restored.

Was it everything you thought it would be and more?

And what happened at your appt, I've been worried.
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