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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Patriots' Day

I took a few moments today, as I always do, to think about my own experience on this date six years ago. I would have to guess that most people do likewise, after all, no matter if what we went through on that day was insignificant compared to what happened to the victims, we're all going to approach that day from our own viewpoints. I assume everyone then then focuses on more important things like remembering the victims of 9/11 and reflecting on the many and sundry ways our worlds has changed for the shittier since then.

Something I find just utterly shittier is the way we've let a small group of douche-nozzles co-opt the word "patriot" over the last six years. This started way back in the weeks after the attack, when anyone who didn't rush out and get the Stars & Stripes tattooed on their bicep could have feces flung at them while walking down the street. Bush came out with that fucking ignorant phrase "You're either for us or you're against us" and that's been his narrow-minded goddamn policy ever since.

This pin-headed mindset was used to shut down dissenting opinions wherever they appeared. It's why so many cover-my-ass-first-and-foremost politicians have spent the last couple of years trying to explain their support for this stupid goddamn war.

And it's still going on today. Even with the majority of Americans on both sides of the political fence sick and tired of our men and women in the military dying for trumped-up bullshit reasons, our politicians still have to hedge what they're saying, lest they look weak. Hillary Clinton took Barack Obama to task for uttering the quite reasonable opinion that we shouldn't ever use nuclear weapons. What the hell kind of lobotomized yahoo thinks that nuclear weapons are a good idea?

You can't watch the debates or any Sunday morning show without suffering through the inanities of some executive branch wannabe tossing out excuse after excuse as to why we can't even begin to start talking about withdrawal. John McCain, who used to be intelligent, if I remember correctly, blabbed on and on to George Stephanooblihoo this week about the fact that we cannot bring our troops home if doing so means they come home "without honor."

This is such bullshit. What he's saying here is yet again another iteration of the belief that, if we want to end the war--even if we want to do it gradually; even if we want to be as careful as possible not to create a fucked-up failed state when we do so--we are unpatriotic.

So I say now to Mr. McCain--who I've decided to nickname Cheeks, the Toy Wonder: Cheeks, don't you think that, however they come home, our soldiers come home with honor? They've served their country exactly as their leaders asked them to. They've endured multiple tours of duty, being dragged away from their families again and again. They've been injured, they've faced death. They've got the honor part down. Now we just need to start bringing them home.