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Friday, January 11, 2008


Episode II: Shmashmack of the Shmones

Hey, all you crazy podcast-listening kids out there! You can "download" the second episode of The Conversation with Bob Felcher and Karl Baloneypants right now at!

That's right! In mere minutes, you can be walking around town listening to me and some other guy talk about things right in your ear! It's crrrrrr-azy!

Go now. No operators are standing by. I mean, do you fucking know how cruel it would be to expect those poor operators to just fucking stand there, waiting for your stupid ass to call? You thoughtless prick!

And let's not forget the new iTunes feed:

We are "pending" approval with the iTunes store, which is a good thing, since we're still working out technical bugs and whatnot.

At least it couldn't get any worse...
Alright, I am comprising half of your listenership I am embarrassed to say, but can see that when I get an iPod, which I intend to finally do soon, I will put your podcast on there and try to run away from you guys on the hike and bike trail. That is my future exercise regimen strategy. I only hope I can hear next week's cast re: douching. I'm thinkin' maybe I can learn a thing or two, even if it's misinformation. That's ok. The Incest Sketch rocks. Truly. I think my 14 year old daughter might like your brand of humor. Perhaps, I'll show it to her, though then I would instantly make it uncool. I was a little disappointed to find out that you guys don't actually talk like chipmunks though.
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