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Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Happy Goddamn New Year!

Just got back from Central Park, where my wife ran four miles and I froze my nuts off while watching an awesome fireworks display. Started 2008 by kissing my wife, listening to an old They Might Be Giants show and reading the first chapter of a Michael Chabon book. Not a bad beginning for the new year.

Now I've gotta get to sleep, because I'm waking up tomorrow and heading to Brooklyn, where I'm going to jump in the water off Coney Island. I kind of miss the days of my youth, when New Year's meant getting hammered and that was about it.

Fuck 2007! (Except for the part where I got a new nephew and the bit when my wife got an awesome job close to home and any other shred of it that was in some way good.)

We love you! Happy New Year!
Happy New Year. I know I'm just a weirdo who started commenting your blog, but I'm sorry, it's funny shit and I'll probably keep doing it. Good luck and skill on all that stuff.
I'm with you. 2007 sucked be green donkey dicks.

Here's to a great 2008! (Actually, I'd settle for a boring 2008...)
I watched footage from the Coney Island thingy today, but I didn't see you. Unless you were the guy in the feathers, cause then I did and I'm a little scared.

Was it fun?
John--Thanks. It's nice to be loved sometimes, as long as one hasn't been slipped a roofie.

Freida--Thanks for swinging by. You're welcome to leave as many comments as you like, as long as none of them ridicule my penis size.

Steph--Yeah! 2007 is dead to me. 2007 can kiss my taint!

WM--I'll tell you all about the Coney experience when I'm not falling asleep on my keyboard. I'm a tired, tired bsstard.
Which of course is a bastard who hisses like a snake.
deal. I won't say a word.
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