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Sunday, January 06, 2008


Just Like Hairshirt, But With Noises

So, my friend Keith and I have started what's going to be a podcast. Eventually, it'll be downloadable to your favorite MP3 Player. For now, though, it's sitting on a site called Twango, where you can go and listen to the streaming edition. In fact, you can go using this link right here.

The show is called The Conversation with Bob Felcher and Karl Baloneypants and features Keith and I discussing current events and other shit about which we know practically nothing. So go and give a listen. Or don't, and regret it for the rest of your sad and miserable life.

EDIT: The show has been moved. We're now on the much cooler site Podomatic, which you can reach by clicking here. So yeah.

At this moment it's not up in iTunes yet, but one COULD access it through iTunes.

Simply open iTunes, go to "Advanced," choose "Subscribe to Podcast," and enter the name of the RSS feed, which is:

Once you've done that, iTunes will download your own bright, shiny copy of your very own, which you CAN take with you on your mp3 player.

Happy fucking holidays.
Alright, since I get paid to do little or "study," I was able to get paid while listening your "Conversation" and it was just as pleasantly masturbatory as Hairshirt (or any of a number of other hilarious blogs,) but without the need for that pesky reading. I don't even want the time back, necessarliy. In fact, since I am at work, thanks for helping me waste time. I even chuckled once, wishing I'd heard your tense holiday moment solutions a little sooner, but next time please be more considerate in your recommendations and consider the difficulties women might have pulling off such a maneuver.
When I first listened to this it sounded fine. Now you guys sound like chipmunks. My problem or yours?
Anonymous--Most definitely yours. Stop eating 'shrooms before you download.

FB--I was a little confused by your comment. Are you saying you were masturbating while listening to the podcast? 'Cause that's not what we're there for, lady.
Unfortunatley, I cannot pull off masturbating and listening to your podcast at work, at least not simulataneously, so yeah, you did misunderstand, or perhaps, your pants are full of baloney? Oh, but you're the other one. All the more shameful then. All the more shameful.
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