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Thursday, January 03, 2008


Letterman Grew a Beard! Holy Shit!

I've spent a hellish couple of months without The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. Seriously, I feel a little lost in the mornings, eating my serial with no snarky media parodies to enjoy on my DVR. I'm frigging sad, though, that they're returning next week without their writers.

I'm massively pro-union, having grown up in a UAW household and being, now, a proud member of the UFT. This means that I feel conflicted about watching a show when I know there're folks out picketing it.

Really, what fucknut is going to come down on the producers' side of this whole WGA strike? The writers want to not get completely screwed out of profits for entertainment distributed on-line and the producers want desperately to screw the writers out of profits for entertainment distributed on-line.

So I side with the WGA and will feel mightily conflicted watching The Daily Show next week. I felt pretty damn good, conversely, watching Dave Letterman last night.

Now, I was a giant Letterman fan in college. I stopped watching him regularly when John Stewart took over The Daily Show, because I only have, really, so much time in my life to devote to late-night programming. But I still appreciate Dave.

And I thought he did a damned fine job last night. He was his usual funny self and also took care to acknowledge the strike. I thought the show would have been a home run, if I hadn't had to sit through Robin Williams' increasingly grated "riffing". (Robin--start drinking again. Might help.)

The weird thing was, I did a bunch of reading today about the various late-night shows' returns and a number of writers thought Dave was awful. The same writers almost invariably thought that Leno was bringing the funny on his writerless premiere.

At first, I was baffled. But then I was hit by the revelation (fairly goddamn pathetic, by revelation standards) that there's a Dave/Jay divide in this country. You either enjoy Dave or you enjoy Jay. And that's okay. Personally, Jay Leno's humor makes me want to puke, put it in a plastic container and then mail it to Jay Leno. But I understand that mi chiste is not necessarily su chiste.

So to everyone who wrote that Dave's scraggly beard made him look unready to return to work, but that Jay's banter with Mike Huckabee and Emeril were the stuff of improv genius, I forgive you. You're just ignorant. I get it now.

I think I agree with everything you wrote here.

I don't get the Jay Leno thing. He's a comedian?
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