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Saturday, February 09, 2008


The Conversation Goes Corporate

Folks, believe it or not, The Conversation is now listed on iTunes. Leaving behind our history as a scrappy little indie podcast, we've joined the ranks of The Fox News Podcast and Anne Coulter Discusses Her Anal Fissure (a personal favorite of mine.)

If you haven't checked out the podcast because you're afraid of having a site like Podomatic in your browser history, you can now find us listed on iTunes, tucked into the News & Politics section. Alternatively, you can just go to iTunes and search for us with either "The Conversation" or "Karl Baloneypants".

Additionally, we've now got a brand-spankin' new Conversation blog up. You can go there for extra content, exciting Conversation-related news or when just listening to us isn't enough.

And I promise I'll have some non-podcast posts up here soon. Just not this morning, as I have to trek up to the Bronx and spend my Saturday morning putting up a bulletin board in a hall at my school.

I'm dedicated!

You know, in my pursuit to finish my degree and complete my teaching certification, I am afraid the real skills that are necessary to be a teacher, the art of putting up a bulletin board and the art of conducting class with vomit on the floor until the janitor arrives and not having the classroom break out into total chaos, may have been overlooked by our resident teaching program. I'm a little worried.
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