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Friday, February 22, 2008


Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!


Feeling pretty damned cool this morning. I went to move my car last night to the Friday-appropriate side of the street. There was a nice big space right across from our apartment when I walked the dogs, so I threw them in the car and went to make the switch, only to realize that the people in front and behind me had wedged me in so fucking tightly that I couldn't get out.

It's just so demoralizing.

I resigned myself to taking a 45-minute drive around the neighborhood this morning to find a parking space. I cried myself to sleep.

And then, upon waking this morning, I learned that New York had been hit by a crippling winter storm! I flew to the computer, hit the NYCDOT Website and was delighted to find out that alternate side parking had been suspended today for snow removal.

So take THAT, meter maid!

I'm so damned glad I wasn't able to move my car last night. There are fewer things more irritating than moving your car, only to find out that you didn't have to.

We have a running alternate side parking joke in our house. So in the morning if the news says it's suspended for weather or one of ten thousand different fucking parades, we get all high-fiving excited because we don't have to move our car.

This is funny because we live in Jersey.

Or maybe it's not actually funny.
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