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Saturday, March 01, 2008


I'm Even Stupider Than I'd Thought

What an incredible week for fans of The Conversation! Not only were you treated to the 1st Annual Convy Awards, but now you get Episode 9, in which we talk about kicking presidential candidates in the groin. Classy!

One thing I want to point out here: in this episode, as in Episode 7, we find ourselves dealing with a listener who writes in "asking advice". Now, I need to make a full confession here that I'm utterly gullible. I had a radio show in college and, one night, we received a call from someone who claimed to be suicidal.

It was fairly obvious that it was bullshit. Anyone reaching out for help when they're feeling suicidal isn't going to call a shitty college radio station that can only be heard if your radio is no more than fifteen feet away from the building or if you're listening on a dorm lounge TV. And yet, I'm such a dipshit that my thinking went along the lines of, "Y'know, just in case..." and I tried giving the guy my half-assed helpful advice.

Turns out that it was not only bullshit, but it was my buddy Keith and his friends, calling in to fuck with us in a good-natured way.

I haven't changed much since college. Because, both times we've gotten listener e-mails in which the authors are asking for advice, my moronic instinct is to treat it gently. Y'know, just in case...

Well, here's my pledge: no more. If, ever again, someone writes to the originators of The Conversation asking for some wisdom in relation to a situation, I will do my best to remember that nobody expects anything remotely helpful from us and, further, anyone actually seeking advice from two podcasting schmucks deserves what they get.

With that in mind, please enjoy Episode 9 and have a truly lovely day.

I just want to mention that the suicidal character of "Clyde" was played by Chad and not me, because suicide ain't funny. Well, in that particular case, it turned out that it was funny, but at the time I didn't think it was funny enough to instigate such a tasteless call, just to listen and laugh once it started.

Also, I must mention that this listener mail was not concocted by me--it came in from a real listener. Though it was probably intended to be funny.

The epsiode 7 letter, I think may have been a real situation, but probably was not really looking for advice...I mean, it's US...anyone who's listened to us for more than five minutes could tell you that we're idiots!

Finally, I'm shocked that you hadn't seen "Definitely, Maybe" yet. The guys from "Movie Minute" said it should be called "Definitely, Definitely!" Well, I'm off to go see "Witless Protection!" Cheers!

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