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Sunday, March 09, 2008


Live from My Blog, It's Unfunny Shit!

Oh my God! I am so fucking excited!

Saturday Night Live has this awesome new feature where you can embed highlights from the show on your blog! I am so going to take advantage of that!

Can you imagine how much funnier this stupid blog would be if it featured Kristin Wiig's still-hilarious-even-after-the-131st-outing character who one-ups everybody? Oh, how the world will marvel at my wit when I create a post that includes one of the show's awesome game show parodies! Because blogs are always better when they involve wig comedy and quasi-impressions.

So, even though some people say that Saturday Night Live is now like that girlfriend you'd love to break up with but can't because the apartment's in her name and you can't afford to move out so you keep on sleeping with her even though you have to fake your orgasms, I'm going to celebrate it by appropriating the SNL brand of humor as my own.

Does this mean we can now enjoy visiting your blog without having to read what you wrote?
I'm with Freida.

If that turns out to be the case, I'm all for it.
Yes! Yes! It's so much better than thinking of something to write!
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