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Friday, April 11, 2008


The Big Reveal

So I'm sure the handful of people who read Hairshirt regularly are a bit puzzled by a couple of things. First, for the past few months, posting has been spotty at best. Once or twice a week at most for quite awhile there, and this from a guy who's been fairly consistent since I started this thing up nearly four years ago.

Then, all of a sudden, about a week ago, BAM! I'm posting once or twice a day, every day. "What gives?" people (and by people, I mean about two of you) were thinking, "Has Joe been diagnosed Manic-Depressive and he's in the midst of a full-on 'up' cycle?" Well, no.

No, my mental state is essentially the same as it's always been. I'm on no meds that would account for the repeated absence of the Horoscope. There are no voices in my head telling me that I shouldn't sit down today and type up half-assed political satire about Hillary Clinton's Bosnia faux pas.

I haven't been posting because my mind has been otherwise occupied. It's tough to whip out quasi-humorous observations on the state of the world when your brain pan is full of one single topic. So I slacked off.

Then, about a week ago, I noticed (observant guy that I am) that I was nearing my one thousandth post. This post.

Yep, this post you are reading is the one thousandth time I've sat down at the keyboard to pump words out over the world-wide whaddyacallit. And I thought, "Gee, it'd be nice to have something special to write about for a somewhat monumental occasion like that."

In the meantime, this thing that's been taking up some much of my thought became less of a secret. So I decided I'd hold off until my one thousandth post and I'd go ahead and write about it.

But the one thousandth post wasn't coming quickly enough, so I spent the last week or so churning out entries as quickly as I could.

And here we are.

So, for my one thousandth post, I give you The Big Reveal.
Now, I should say that this isn't actually our 14-week scan. I pulled this one off of Der Google. In this day and age, my wife and I are a little worried about predators and don't want anyone to know what our baby looks like.

I will tell you that he or she (still too early to tell) is due in the middle of October and the first item of clothing we bought for him/her was a Justice League t-shirt. (Guess whose idea that was.)

Congratulations! I've been waiting for the big announcement here. Mrs. Hairshirt spilled the beans to me a week or two ago, and I couldn't be happier for the two (and a bean-sized half) of you!

We will hopefully toast when I am in town in a week, though your wife will be sticking with the non-alcoholic beverages. You and I can get sh*t-faced silly if we please.

Happy, happy day!
Oh, wonderous joy. Seriously, what a good father you will be. You have almost all the potty humor it takes and the rest just comes in time and in context and with the changing of a thousand poopy diapers and then butt wipings and all of the other lovelinesses that your child will bring into your life.
Hooray! Congratulations! I couldn't be any happier for you, Joe.
This is friggin' incredible. I've been reading this blog for at least two years and have been waiting for this moment! Wow, that sounds wicked creepy. Anyway, congratulations. All the best.
Far out!!!! A little Joe or Josephine. Great news Joe.
Congrats daddy!
Does this mean you're going to become a "daddy blogger"?

Congrats to both of you!
Holy Freaking crap.
Congratulations on both reaching 1000 and, you know...
that whole procreation thingy.
I read your blog regularly because my son is also a teacher.

I'm so happy for both you and your wife! Congratulations!
Holy shit! I didn't see that coming until I scrolled down to see how many posts I've missed! Congratulations to you and Mrs. Hairshirt. I'm so happy for you both.

And...weird. I bought a Justice Leauge onesie the other day to surprise my husband. It didn't fit him, tho.
You're pregnant?

That was you on Oprah?

Holy Shit.
Yeeeehaw! So very happy for you guys and excited to be aunty or 2nd cousin or whatever this makes me. What a lucky kid!
Hey Joe! Great news! Good to find you. email me down in Florida. We have a baby now too (year old). her name is Sofia and she is beautiful. Hello to Meghan!

Tony Misiano
That makes me so happy. Congratulations. That is awesome news. Must have been the Christmas cards. Even karma felt bad for you.
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