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Sunday, April 20, 2008


He's Busy Revvin' Up His Powerful Mach 5!

The pope's in town!

I fucking love that guy. I've got friends who don't. I've got friends who think the pope oughtta be condemned because he's keeping the church mired in rigid, old-fashioned ideas that keep women down and don't recognize the actual state of the world. I've got friends who think priests ought to be allowed to sleep with women or marry women or be women. I've got friends who think the Roman Catholic Church's stance on birth control helps the spread of HIV in third-world countries. I've got friends who like to bring up Benedict's Nazi-youth past.

Not me, though. I think the pope's awesome. Why? One reason:

The Popemobile!

No other person alive is cool enough to have their own -mobile. Sure, there's Batman, but he's fictional. (I know this, rationally, even though I like to pretend that we go fishing together.) There is nobody else who's so amazingly amazing that they have a fill-in-the-blank-mobile. So, for that reason, the pontiff is a-ok in my book.

Welcome to America, Your Holiness! And Your Holiness's Sweet, Sweet Ride.

I'd pay money to take a spin in the pope-mobile!
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