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Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Slow Down, Jackass

So often, on my way to and from work, people at the 149th Street/Grand Concourse station will jump off the train and run up/down the steps at top speed, knocking over any man, woman or hermaphrodite in their way in a mad dash to catch a connecting train that may not even be at the platform.

And I guess I bring it up only because I'd like to stop one of them just once and ask them: Do you think that this will be the last train ever? Do you imagine that you will be stuck for eternity on this platform if you should happen to miss a train? Is the life of the 85-year-old lady really so worthless that you'll push her down a flight of stairs so that you can avoid being five minutes late to whatever happy hour toward which you're rushing?

I fully admit that I find it frustrating when I see a train I'd hoped to catch pulling away without me aboard. But I wouldn't want to send a stroller, Untouchables-style, down a staircase in order to get to it.

We need fewer assheads in the world.

I think I'm one of these jackasses. I always run - actually sprint - to happy hour.
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