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Tuesday, April 01, 2008


The Sock-tomist

I realized something really pathetic about myself this past weekend: I am the type of person who will keep throwing a single sock back into the laundry and wash it without having worn it because I'm certain that, someday, if I lead a virtuous enough life, the other sock from the pair will magically reappear and I'll be able to wear them both.

It's a sucker's game, people.

My husband tries to convince me to throw those socks out, but I'm still hopefull!
I do the same fucking thing! Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!
Wow, I just wear two that don't match and call it a day. Today on my beloved child is one white, one pink!
Socks are a minor major issue in our house. With multiple people milling about, we have a sock basket. I personally guard my socks with my life, as I do not enjoy mismatched nor white socks and they are the first thing that I claim out of the fresh laundry; I have been known to put the unmatched ones back for a retrial.
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