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Friday, May 09, 2008


I'm Appreciated!

Wow! What a busy, busy week. As I'm sure I don't have to tell anybody, this was Teacher Appreciation Week. And, let me tell you, it's amazing to feel so very, very appreciated.

I've gotta say, folks, the gifts that were showered on me this week, the ticker-tape parades, the lambs offered in grateful sacrifice, it's all nice. It is. But it's not why I teach in a middle school.

Nor do I teach for the $37.8 million I pull in per year. Although it's satisfying to know that society feels our work is important enough to be rewarded financially.

No, the only reason I'm in this career is for the gleam in the eyes of my students as they look up at me and say, "Mr. Wack, you've opened up a whole new world for me. The love of theater you've instilled in my heart will never fade. Thank you."

That's what makes it all worthwhile, people.

Now, if I taught rooms full of kids who couldn't give a teaspoon full of rat turds that I was there, was paid a salary that could be generously described as "paltry" and was rewarded with something like a collapsible umbrella that blew apart in the wind the first day I used it...well that would be another story, wouldn't it?

That last scenario would be a very familiar story.
Well, I appreciate you, and other teachers. Thank you.
We got a photocopied form letter from the superintendent, with a copy of her signature and everything. Wow!
Okay, I should probably take a moment here to say that, actually, my principal went around handing out the umbrellas personally--if hurriedly-- and I was touched, because it was raining out and I'd left my umbrella at home. So I exaggerate about the umbrella's crappiness purely for comedic effect.
I got an XL green men's t-shirt from our Union President once.
It was awesome.
It worked especially well when I was washing my car.
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