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Monday, June 02, 2008


It's (Going to Be) a Boy!

The results are in and our first child will be a masculine child, to paraphrase Luca Brazi. And he's apparently a stubborn little cuss. Twice in the past two weeks, we've gone in for an ultrasound and he's made sure to position himself so that they can't get all the pictures we need.

My wife, meanwhile, is not enjoying the June heat here in the city. Neither am I, frankly, seeing as how it's accompanied by so much humidity and stick-to-your-skin grime. So the air conditioners went in a little early this year, which is kind of a bummer, as I usually like to see just how long I can hold out. This often lasts until our dog gets so hot he grabs my beard trimmer and starts shaving his fur off.

So there's your pregnancy update. I'll be sure to keep everyone appraised as to just how uncomfortable my wife gets. That should be fun.

There's the thansference thing. The more uncomfortable your wife gets, the more uncomfortable you will get. I learned that at about 8 months into it, not to make too many pregnant lady jokes. Especially not to smile as I watched her try to extricate herself from the couch.

Pregnant women can be beasts. Mean and nasty beasts.
A little Hairshirt, Jr. Congrats!!!
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