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Monday, June 09, 2008


It's Too Darn Hot

Yup, still hot. A fact made infinitely worse by the fact that I work in a New York City public school where the air conditioning is not working in about half the building. (The A/C works just fine during the winter, when it sometimes inexplicably turns on full blast.)

To make matters worse, the crappy little fan I keep in my stuffy little office just kicked the bucket today. I very nearly spent two hours sitting at my desk without pants. (This is absolutely untrue; my pants remained on and stuck to my legs for the duration of the day, people.)

I'm thinking of showing up to work tomorrow wearing a kilt. Worn old-school style.

I probably shouldn't tell you that it's only 71 degrees here & the A/C is so powerful at work that I'm sitting right now at my desk, freezing my butt off.
I think the kilt is a good idea, but old skool might mean you're having to pick and readjust as things get pretty sweaty.

That was a bit personal, wasn't it? Sorry.
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