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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Don't I Love Me Anymore?

I do this every goddamn year. I suppose it's actually a good thing; maybe a sign that I'm not totally up my own ass.

I missed my blogiversary. It was last Wednesday, July 23. That means I've been doing this shit for four years. And I haven't gotten any better at it. Well, at least I no longer post pictures of my venereal warts and ask if readers think they look like celebrities. That was a low point.

(I don't have venereal warts. That was in jest.)

Anyway, thanks to everyone who's still bothering to read this shit. You're the cheese on my pizza. You're the croƻtons on my salad. You're the ice cream on my pie.

I'm hungry.

Congratulations on four years of general hilarity!
General congratulations on generality!
On generality, congratulations, General!
Crap. I missed your blogiversary too- If I buy you something pretty will you forgive me?
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