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Friday, July 25, 2008


Hygiene News!

Item One: A couple of years back, I was forced to make a major change in my life. After twenty-three years or so of using Speed Stick Solid, I leapt on the gel deodorant bandwagon. I'd gone to help a friend move on a hot June day, only to realize that I'd left the house without applying antiperspirant. Ducking into a drugstore, I was dismayed to find no Speed Stick, so I grabbed a thing of Gillette Gel. And I liked it. I've used it ever since.

Recently, I ducked into a different store to pick up deodorant and was dismayed to find that they didn't carry Gillette. So grabbed a thing of Speed Stick Gel. It was okay. It made a weird clicking noise when you turned the dial to force the gel through the little holes on top, but it worked fine. But I bought Gillette the next time I was running low.

It's a tricky thing, though, to determine just how much gel is left in there, so sometimes you'll think you're nearly out, only to find you can use the same deodorant for another three weeks. Which is what I did. Until this morning.

This morning, I got back from a run, hopped in the shower an stepped out to apply my deodorant. But I ran out...after getting one pit done.

So I'm spending the day with one pit covered by Speed Stick and the other kept fresh by Gillette. Which pit will smell better? Which pit will sweat less? The experiment is on!

Item two: My wife is an environmental lawyer, which naturally means that she's got an interest in the environment. So when the our cable box recently puked up an entire channel devoted to programs with an environmental theme, my wife checked it out. Which meant that I checked it out, too.

And there's some really cool stuff there. There are a couple of shows about green renovations, showing how people re-do their homes to make them more environmentally friendly. We like to watch those shows and then water our plants with the envious drool that pours forth from our mouths.

Sure, the network was forced to give a show to Ed Begley, Jr.--which is just as annoying as it sounds--but on the whole, it's not bad.

One show featured a method to reduce water consumption. It's called the Navy Shower. You get under the shower-head just long enough to get yourself all wet, then you turn it off while you do the actual scrubbing. Turn it back on when it's time to rinse and you've saved yourself a whole bunch of agua.

It's actually really easy to do and then you can feel all smug about doing some small little thing to help the planet. So I've been taking nothing but Navy Showers for a month or so. And I don't smell any worse! Thanks to my deodorant.

You know, I would think by now you would have posted the results.
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