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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


The Ivory Anniversary...Really? Ivory?

So last night, my wife and I went out to celebrate our 14th/6th anniversary. Fourteen years ago yesterday, she agreed to go see The Client with me; six years ago, I got her drunk enough to say "I do" and I've kept her chained to the wall in the living room every since.

It was an odd evening. Very nice and very sweet and a little odd. Odd only because this was the last anniversary we'll spend where it's just the two of us. I mean, yes, nineteen years from now, roughly, the kid will be moving out and we'll once again be alone on our anniversary, but the he'll still be morally obligated to call and wish us well, so last night was basically it.

We talked a bit about how nice it is that we've had fourteen years together, just the two of us. How we learned, in that time, to work together as a couple before introducing another person into the equation. We're ready for this next step, y'know? (Not "ready" in the sense of having all the baby furniture purchased or the apartment totally cleaned yet or anything, but ready in the vaguer sense.)

A vegetarian sampler platter at an Ethiopian restaurant, a dish of vanilla ice cream with peaches and a rerun of Gossip Girl. Not a bad way to spend an anniversary. (Okay, the first two, I was cool with, the third thing I put up with because I love my wife. Not that I didn't mock it.)

Happy anniversary! That's a great picture. And I'm glad to hear you at least mocked Gossip Girl.
Aww. Congratulations. I look forward to the leaked sex tape.
I'm surprised that after 14 years she hasn't thought to chew her arms off and escape.
It must be love.

Happy anniversary!
Congratulations! You're a really cute couple.
Bad sister that I am, I never remember the date (considering I was a bridesmaid, that's pretty shitty).

Love to both of you.
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