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Monday, August 11, 2008



Well that was boring and anticlimactic both!

Sat in the plush District Court Jury Assembly Room in the Daniel Patrick Moynihan Courthouse and read/slept/watched the rain from 8:30 until nearly 3:00 (with a break for a greasy lunch nearby) and then was told to leave and not come back. Yee-haw!

That's right, I'm safe for another four years or so (I was in such a big-ass hurry to get the fuck out of there that I didn't check with the clerk how long I was covered) and I didn't have to take questions from an attorney or anything.

So that's twice now that I've come close to having to sit on a jury and slipped out of it. I pity the defendant when I actually get selected some day. I'm going to be so fucking annoyed that I'll vote for the death penalty even if it's a fucking jay-walking case.

But whatever. I'm cleared to spend the next sixteen days enjoying my freedom, watching the Olympics and sleeping as late as I want. Suck it, world!

Dang. I was hoping you'd get on some really interesting Law & Order type trial!
...and painting. Don't forget the painting.
DCup--With my luck, it would've been something from Criminal Intent.

Blackbird--I cannot forget the painting, for the paint is in my hair.
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