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Friday, August 15, 2008


The Devil's Own Urine

Let me make just one thing utterly clear:

If it truly "...isn't Summer until you crack open a bottle of..." Bud Light Lime, then I'd much, much rather live in a world of eternal Winter.

I mean, ick.

What's truly odd is they felt the need to follow industry leader Miller into the lime-crappy-awful-chelada field with this crap.

If I want to put a lime in my beer, well...I'll just drink a seltzer.
Ick indeed!
The only thing one should put in beer is grenadine and lemon lime soda. Really. Stop laughing.
I went to a bar a couple of months ago that had nothing of quality of tap ... or in bottles ... so I asked for a Bud Light. But given the noise of said bar, he handed me one of those. It was fucking foul. I'm still scraping the taste off my tongue with scissors.
See, I understand and respect the idea of putting lime in, say a bottle of Corona, which is, indeed, improved by the addition. But that's the only beer of which I can say that. And this isn't a real lime, it's a bunch of chemicals, probably from the same plant they use to put the smell into Windex. Why? Why?
I think the BL and the lack of any sort of Budweiser insignia is intended to catch a person off guard. I think it's a terrorist trap, or, perhaps, an evil plot by Cindy McCain.
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