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Friday, August 01, 2008


The Ostracized

Why can't we let the healing start, people? Why must we continue to widen the divisions between us and hate those who should, by all rights, be our friends?

I'm not talking about the Democrats, by the way, I'm talking about critics who trashed The Dark Knight.

David Edelstein, in New York Magazine, expressed his dislike for the film and was so traumatized by peoples' reactions that he felt the need to write a blog post to defend himself.

Stephanie Zacharek, the critic at, also hated the movie. And she's apparently so bugged by either the shit that's been flung at her since her review was posted or the success of a film she deems unworthy that she felt the need, two weeks later, in a review for a totally unrelated movie, to go back and slap The Dark Knight again:
In some ways I feel sorry for "Tomb of the Dragon Emperor" as an enterprise: Not only is it shoehorned into a forlorn early-August slot, by which point most of us are already suffering summer-blockbuster fatigue; it also has the further misfortune to arrive just a few weeks after the release of "The Dark Knight," a movie so revolutionary that Orson Welles himself has reportedly risen from his own emperor's tomb to concede that, you know, that "Citizen Kane" thing he made really wasn't so great after all.
I don't know if people in Batman costumes have hurled bags of dogshit at these poor critics or if they just hate feeling isolated from the people who loved the movie, but I just want to reach my hand out to both of them and say, "It's okay. You can not like the movie. But would you please shut the fuck up about it already?" I'm all about reconciliation.

How gracious of you. I, personally, was a poo slinger.
Don't know about this Edelweiss person, but Zacharek couldn't critique her way out of...

Look, check out her review of Meet Dave, then read her original review of Dark Knight...
I think there are some very well-written and thought out negative reviews of The Dark Knight out there. I loved it, but I can understand those who didn't.

I only have a problem with reviewers who seemed to go into the film with a pre-concieved mindset about hating it. Reviews that put those of us who liked the film down by calling comic-book adaptations childish or superficial.

Granted...I'm a comic-book geek and I have a lot divested in the source material, but I think the film was a bit more than that.
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