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Friday, September 26, 2008


P.C. Go Boom!

So, another long blog silence, but still not because of baby D-day. Nope, there's an entirely different reason why I've done gone mute this week. Our computer kicked it. To paraphrase Jean Shepard, there was a spark of light, a whiff of ozone and our computer was plunged into darkness.

I don't entirely know what happened to it. I basically stood there in my bear pelt, hitting the CPU with the shin bone of my enemy and grunting. Didn't help.

So now we're in the process of getting a new one, 'cause ours really is a lost cause. If we took it into a repair shop, they'd probably giggle and titter before straightening up and telling us it would be cheaper to buy a new one. So we're skipping the middleman and searching for our next computer.

In the meantime, I took one of the hard drives out of our computer and put it into our old one, which we stopped using nearly three years ago, but which was still, pathetically, sitting in our bedroom. I Frankensteined the long-dead and the near-dead together and we're limping along with this until we can get something a little less sad.

And so, I may or may not be able to write much about John McCain's bizarre/dumb attempt to throw himself on the economic grenade. I might not get to share with you my sadness that my Washington Mutual account has been sold to Chase, a bank with which my past experiences have been as pleasant as a cheese grater to the scrotum. I might not get to wonder in print just where they're hiding Sarah Palin these days.

But once we get our new computer, whoa, Nelly! I'll be blogging up a storm! And then we'll have a newborn baby a week or so later and I'll be too tired to wash the feces out of my hair, let alone sit and type. Good times.

- and sometime during that you'll post our horoscopes, right?
Seriously, dude. Get a Macintosh. Sorry to hear about your computer troubles.

PS You're right about the baby. He'll most likely be the reason that you won't post often... not the lack of a computer.
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