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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


They're Like a Rock Band, But They Don't Get Laid

Busy. I'm just rrrrrreal goddamn busy at the moment. We're taking breastfeeding classes, we're washing/putting away the baby's clothes, we're meeting with pediatricians, we're checking out the new fast food vegetarian place near 72nd.

I'm so busy I've barely had time to keep up on all things political. So I've had to get by on skimmed headlines and The Daily Show.

Which is why I've been so goddamn happy that a couple of my best pals have been doing such a great job of distilling the daily election craziness down to a fine syrup. Which I then drink through my Crazy Straw.

Seriously, go check this site out. Satisfaction guaranteed unless you're wrong enough to like McCain, in which case you'll probably want to stay the fuck away, as they may disabuse you of some mistaken notions you hold about Ol' Jowly.

I hope everything goes well. Getting close, right?
Thanks for the tip on the site. I live in one of those glorious small towns, where they don't really expect anyone to vote for someone who isn't Republican (unless you go Libertarian), so our newspaper has very little coverage of any national issues unless they are parroting Fox News.
And enjoy your last few days as a couple - although once you're a family of three, you won't remember what you did with all your spare time.
It should be pointed out that, as you know - like you - I have a pregnant wife.

That rght there is proof that I get laid. At least once anyway.

Thanks for pimping our rant-fest.
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