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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


You Can Put Lipstick on an Asshole, But You Won't Want to Kiss It

Seriously? Holy, shit, the Republicans are really going overboard in their attempts to deflect attention away from Sarah Palin's inexperience, wacked-out viewpoints and whatever the hell other problems there are with her.

I suppose this sort of utterly moronic shit is to be expected and I just hope Obama calls them on it and doesn't bend over and take a swiftboat up the ass. Jesus fucking Christ, I hate Rovian politics.

I watched Obama in a press conference today in which he said that these slams only distract us from the real issues, that they don't hurt the people they're aimed at, they hurt the People. He concluded with a stern, "Enough!"

I believe this is one of the funniest, yet poignant entries you've ever posted.
What's worse than the Rovian politics that inspire this kind of bullshit is the number of Americans that are so content to let others think for them, that they happily allow a well known cliche about change - used during a discussion about change - to be interpreted for them by Limbaugh and the like as a shot at Palin.

I'm truly in fear.
Palin/McCain have nothing. They don't want to talk about the issues because they can't dig themselves out of the republican mess.

Sadly, our media is complicit in picking up their bullshit controversy and airing it over and over like it fucking matters.
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