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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Baby Come [Out], You Can Blame It All on Me

So at this point, we're thinking of changing tactics. We're thinking we might need to offer the baby a signing bonus to get him out of my wife. This evening, I'm going to wave a blank check in front of her belly and tell him to name his price.

Seriously, the last four days have seemed longer than the entire first forty weeks. I'm beginning to think the kid just doesn't like us.


My wife keeps telling me that I just need to shift my thinking and just pretend that the due date is a week and a half from now, keep myself from feeling so anxious to get this show on the road. Yeah, that's not working.

My in-laws are in town now. They flew all the way from Seattle, arranged a 10-day hotel booking so they could help us out with the kid. It'd be a real shame if they flew back without meeting him. Hey! Maybe that's the way to go about this. Maybe I should try a little intra-uterine guilt tripping.

You tell that baby he waited this long, he can make it past Wednesday...the finale of Project Runway is tonight and they're running the entire season today!

At this point, I'm hoping he waits until Saturday, folks. Cool Aunt Meg can't afford to leave until then and miss my best tip nights. Lol.

Love you guys very much.
"Cool Aunt Meg's" comment cracks me up because I just had to tell my sister ("Auntie Awesome) that my c-section has been scheduled for the one day she would have trouble getting out of her 12-hour nursing shift: October 23. She was not happy.

I wonder who will get here first? Mine or yours?

Good luck to you and Mrs. Hairshirt. These last days are just agonizing.
My first baby was two weeks "over-due". I thought I was going to go crazy. I did everything I could do to hurry things up, like running on the beach and riding a moped (hey, I was 18 and it was 1970). Turned out what did it was relaxation. My mother took me to her chiropractor, who put me on a table that allowed me to lay on my front (bless you, Doc!), and he gave me a massage. I went into labor that night.
I'd vote for the massage. Don't even think about that castor oil thing...
watermelon rutabega.
Having never been preggers myself, I don't know if this is true, but...
I know at least 6 women who have told me that when they were overdue, they were willing to try anything to grease the wheels, so to speak. They ALL said that having, um..."relations in the biblical sense" did the trick.

Good luck with that.
Thinking birthing thoughts for you...

Well, for the missus, actually. Hoping it's a smooth, easy, speedy delivery, with a minimum of pain and yelling at the papa.

But that's what the hairshirt's for, yes?

Looking forward to the imminent arrival of Baby Wack!
Oooh, this is so vicariously exciting. I was ten days later than my due date with my daughters. I think it's often a good thing because the baby's a bit more developed and hefty.

Yes, DON'T do the castor oil thing. It increases the chances that your baby will have meconium (prenatal poop) in the amniotic fluid which can be dangerous if inhaled (though a skilled practitioner can deal with it alright).

I got excited, but I never got everything I wanted to get done in time, so I always appreciated a little more time. I agree with Whiskey's suggestion, though.
Have to add my two cents worth. You have already recieved all the tips that are do able so I will just add this tid bit. Watch the wife for nesting mode , which means she will get a burst of energy and commence floor mopping and wall scrubbing (well maybe).
Best Wish's Aunt Judy P
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