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Friday, October 10, 2008


Letter to My Son #2

Dear baby,

So you're still not here, little guy. Today is your due date, but you seem to be having a good time in Mommy's uterus, because you haven't come out yet. No worries. We know you'll emerge when you're ready and we'll be happy whenever that is.

One thing, though. Mommy's a little concerned that you might come out on Monday. Normally, going into labor on a Monday wouldn't phase Mommy at all, but this coming Monday is Daddy's birthday and Mommy is of the opinion that little boys really need their own birthday.

See, I had been thinking it would be kind of cool to share a birthday, but I understand where Mommy's coming with this. I wouldn't want to deprive you of the joy of having your very own special day.

I want you to understand, then, that--if you did happen to be born on Monday--October 13th will be your special day. See, I've had thirty-seven birthdays. That's a lot. I don't really need any more, to be honest. I'm not that big a fan of cake.

Additionally, I'm heading toward the age where people start giving you "over the hill" gag gifts which they mistakenly believe are funny. Y'know, I get why people would want to make fun of someone's advancing age, mining humor out of our inability to deal with our own mortality. I get that. I just don't think that mylar balloons with the Grim Reaper holding a cake are necessarily the height of wit.

Anyway, whenever you're born, it's going to be relatively close to my birthday. And people are going to be tempted to bring cards for me to your birthday party to save time. Rest assured, tiny son, I will slap the card out of their hand and punch them in the sternum and tell them that this party is all about you.

In fact, pretty much everything your mom and I do over the next eighteen years or so will be all about you. Now get your ass out here so your mommy and I can start with the hugs and such. (And Mommy would probably be less worried about your future happiness if you could come on a day other than Monday.)


If he's born tomorrow, he'll have to share my birthday with me. But, trust me, as long as someone tosses some cake in my direction, he can have the rest of the day. Promise.

Come on, baby!
Hey! Happy Birthday, you awesome Libra! You share a b-day with my good, good buddy Jose. October 11: Truly an auspicious nativity.
Thanks, Joe!
Please make sure you let your good old friend Chris know when this baby arrives! I am checking your site obsessively (as if you'd have time to post right away) to find out this news. I am so happy for you two and it is so clear that you are going to be wonderful parents. Hooray baby!!
I'm also checking to see when the baby will arrive. Sometimes I think about the oddness of caring about a child born across the country to people I've never met - but then I just check the link anyway. So, when the event happens, 1. support your wife and enjoy the ecstasy, 2. call the grandparents to let them know, then 3. blog about it!
This made me cry. Perhaps because this all has not been easy but mostly because I know what wonderful parents this kid is going to have.
I hope he's born on your birthday, so you can be birthday pals. My mother and her brother, my aunt and her son and my son and my nephew have the same birthdays (not all as each other) and quite the contrary. It makes the birthday all the more special.
I knew there was something I liked about dcup, and it wasn't just the upfront advertising.

Happy birthday, dcup! Thank you, Joe! And come on, kid, I have money on Sunday!
Happy birthday, beige one!
Ho ho ho, silly Libras! Big sis here, just catching up on the missives to my tardy nephew! Come on, baby, I need a vacation to New York!

The Cool Aunt.
You October Libras, how I envy you. You got all the snark, while we September Libras got all the OCD.

Happy Birthday!
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