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Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Mincing Words

Just a quick word about John McCain's use of the English language:

I've been hearing the same quote from last night's debate over and over this morning and there's something about it that just bugs the shit out of me. Talking about taxes, McCain said--and I might be paraphrasing slightly, 'cause I'm too fucking lazy to look this up--"Senator Obama's tax proposals are like nailing Jello to a wall. There's been five or six of them and, if you wait around awhile, I'm sure there'll be more."

So, what the hell is McCain saying here? Is he saying that, once you nail Jello to a wall, you can't stop until you've nailed up five or six bowls of it? Is he calling Obama a compulsive Jello-nailer? I'm just not at all sure how precisely the simile he uses fits in with the sentence that follows.

Perhaps, if he wanted to go with a food analogy, he should have said something like, "With Senator Obama, tax proposals are like Lay's Potato Chips. I bet he can't have just one!" Or maybe, "For Senator Obama, tax proposals are like Chinese food. Half an hour later, he wants to write another one." He could also have said, "I need my food cut up into tiny little pieces, because I'm elderly and can't swallow well."

Although that last one probably wouldn't have gone very far toward proving whatever the hell point he was trying to make.

Obviously you haven't tried nailing Jello to a wall lately. Addictive!

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