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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Non-Baby Bits

Even with an all-night poop-cleaning session going on in the Hairshirt household, I'm still managing to keep abreast of goings-on in the outer world. For instance, let's talk about a few things I heard on our local NPR station this morning:
  • The Takeaway (still the lamest NPR show this side of the disastrous 1996 experiment, Carl Castle's Reggae Hour) featured an interview with a man they described as Pakistan's "former permanent amabassador to the U.N." Call me crazy, but if he was the permanent amabassador, shouldn't he still be doing the job? Permanent is permanent, people. He should still be sitting in General Assembly meetings, even after he's a moldering corpse. Otherwise, they should have called him "Ambassador for the Time Being, I Guess, to the U.N."
  • The local news had a short piece on one business that's booming, despite the economic crisis: apple sales. They portrayed it as good, kind of cute news. I see it as a horrific omen of lingering economic disaster. Think for a minute, here. Movies about the '30s. Movies about the impoverished class in pre-revolutionary France. What's the one thing they always show? Someone on the street trying to make a living selling apples to other poor people. We should not celebrate the apple-salesmen, we should fear them.
  • One NPR headline that caught my attention was yet another uptick in the polls for Barack Obama, with some giving credit for the bump to the endorsement by Colin Powell. I loved what Powell said, especially the bit about the correct response to accusations that Obama's a Muslim being, "So what if he was?" Man, wouldn't Colin Powell make a great Secretary of State? Oh, wait.

Okay, a comment here for two posts because it's late and I'm lazy.

That baby is adorable!!!!!

Okay, you were saying what about what? Oh, yeah, the apples? Well, I guess it was only a matter of time. I'm getting my kids shoeshine boxes for Hanukah.
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