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Friday, October 17, 2008


Pimply Irresistable

I hate my body. I hate my mind, too, but that's neither here nor there at the moment.

What I'm hating about my body right is the fact that I'm now thirty-eight years old and I still get acne. Wasn't that supposed to end a long, long time ago? Wasn't that why I let that dickhead dermatologist pump me full of that fun, fun drug, Accutane?

Alas, I'm still prone to heinous skin-bumps.

Like the one currently sitting beside my nose. Now, this is not a normal, pop-it-and-it-goes-away zit. This is a deep-embedded cluster. It makes for a giant red bump. One that stays and stays and stays.

What this means is, from here to the end of time, pictures of me with my newborn son--I'm going to go ahead and guess that he'll be born sometime in the not-too-distant future--will feature the aforementioned disgusting, ugly zit cluster. Great. My beautiful glowing wife, our adorable little child and me with my pizza-face. Huzzah.

Well, I alwasys put rubbing alcohol on it to dry it out. Or, I've heard tooth paste works too. The main thing to remember is that everyone looks like shit with the newborn. I'll show you some pics sometime. You're just so tired. Your wife will be wiped out and pale. Yeah, pretty much everyone looks lovely.

Ouch. I hate those under the skin things. I have to mess with and that hurts.

Marcea is right about the pix. Only you will even notice the zit if it shows.
All of your anxiety over the birth has probably caused that zit. Maybe you should name the baby after it. lol
Zit Wack...Kid'll have trouble.
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