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Monday, October 20, 2008



Kind of an odd incident at the hospital last night. It was very late--this was around 1:00 in the morning--and the new mother sharing the room with my wife was trying to go to sleep, so we turned off the lights on my wife's side of the room; thought we'd be as considerate as possible.

So we pulled the blinds and we turned off the light above the bed...and the room was still completely brightly lit. We were baffled. No lightbulbs going, no candles burning and yet I could read the small print on an insurance form.

Eventually, we figured out--and this was quite a shock to us both--that the sun shines out our son's ass. Who knew?

Coming out of my lurker state to congratulate you and your wife. That is quite a lovely son you have there. He really is so beautiful, I am not at all surprised by the light thing.
should I be worried here?
He hasn't eaten strained peas yet...
All hail thee- bringer of the bum light!
I figured we were long overdue for a new Messiah, I guess I just never pictured it happening like this...
Sorry. Sorry - SORRY.
The sun shines out MY SON'S ASSES.

Yours is pretty damn sweet though.
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