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Thursday, October 02, 2008


To Everything, Term, Term, Term...

I didn't vote for Michael Bloomberg. The first time he ran, I lived in Yonkers (insert shudder-take) and the second time he ran I voted for whoever the fuck the Democrat was because I'd heard that Bloomberg, Inc. was not necessarily the best company to work for if you were a pregnant lady and that didn't sit well. I didn't think I'd have to worry about voting for him a second time, 'cause New Yorkers voted for term limits awhile back.

So this is where I step back and talk for a moment about the idea of term limits. What a stupid fucking concept. I thought they were a moronic fucking idea when they first reared their head (much like Putin apparently does, according to a certain Veep-idate) and I still think they're moronic all these years later.

Hey folks, a democracy alread has built-in term limits. They're called elections. If the voters are unsatisfied with an elected official, vote them the fuck out. Why do we need to be legally unable to re-elect someone with whom we're happy? Why should someone's reward for doing a stellar job for his/her constiuents be that they're out of work after a couple of cycles?

I get the reasoning behind the concept, I suppose. "Those darned entrenched incumbants! They're so corrupt and nothing short of a hurricane can dislodge them from office! Boo!" But why not just take all that anger and money you're throwing toward getting term limits passed and put it toward the campaign of the guy running against the aforementioned awful incumbant? Why do you want to put a brick wall in the path of someone everyone agrees is okay?

Which brings me back to the Mayor of New York. Over the past few years, I've grown to kind of like Mike Bloomberg. He's not a bad guy, from what I can see. And a lot of people seem to like him. So I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing that he wants to run again. In fact, I'd probably vote for him this time.

The problem comes in that the man is trying to work with City Council to get rid of term limits that the voters put in place without going through the voters. That makes a lot of people around here angry. They're very protective, you see, of their stupid, moronic laws.

So this is going to be interesting to watch. Will Bloomberg's popularity be enough to make people overlook a little subversion of the will of the people? Or will the people crush the dreams of this poor billionaire who just wants to give a little back? Hell of a story.

Some of Bloomberg's old employees published a book of his sayings ad a gift for him. The one that sticks in my mind is, and I'm paraphrasing only slightly, "The key to succes in business is to make the customer think they are getting laid when they are actually biing fucked."

I don't like that guy.
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