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Friday, October 03, 2008


Winky, The Spunky Li'l Candidate

There really were a number of reasons to hate Sarah Palin's performance in last night's debates. For starters, there was her declaration to Gwen Ifill that she'd be answering the questions on her note cards, not whatever happened to emerge from Ifill's mouth.

Then there was her omnipresent evocation of Ronald fucking Reagan. Y'know what, Sarah, he was actually kind of an overrated douchebag. Why not confine him to your masturbatory fantasies and not shove him down the debate audience's throats.

Particularly grating was the oft-repeated "maverick". "It's a great idea to put the Maverick of the Senate into the White House." "I'm a maverick!" "We're a team of mavericks!" Fuck you, governor. James Garner is Maverick, you're a couple of assholes who want to keep us buried in the same bullshit we've been swallowing for the last eight years.

But Palin wouldn't know about that, I guess, because she hates nothing more than looking back. She dodged Biden's comments about what got us into Iraq by saying we shouldn't be examining our history. She professed not to care what caused global warming in the first place, which would seem to be a necessary bit of knowledge if we want to reverse it. There's a quote, governor, that I like: "Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it." I'd look up who said it originally, but I know that'd just piss off a forward-thinker like yourself.

I think I might have an idea of why she wants to keep the country from taking a good, hard look at where we've come over the last eight years. This idea hit me as I was watching her try to Matlock her way around the issues last night ("Golly, I'm just such an outsider, I don't quite unnerstan' how y'all talk.")

After the fortieth time she mispronounced "nuclear"; after the second time she threw out that obnoxious, self-satisfied fucking wink; after watching her stand up there and gosh-shucks her way through everything they'd crammed up her ass to say; after all that, it hit me: Palin is George W. Bush with a vagina.

Do we truly want George W. Bush with a vagina anywhere near the fucking White House? I'll let you work that one out for yourselves.

No. We do NOT want another George Bush in the White House. Vagina or not.

Palin is an arrogant, dangerous, craven politician. That doesn't make her a maverick. That makes her more of the same.
By "maverick" she means "loose cannon that doesn't listen to logical arguments (or anyone else for that matter)"... so yes, she is Bush with a vagina... it's scary. I'm glad someone else was bothered by the "nucular" thing... I was counting but lost track after the 10th time she said it.
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