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Monday, November 17, 2008


The Future of Hairshirt?

Weird. Turns out, this whole baby thing can make other things seem like much less of a priority. Things like keeping current on comic books. Things like sleep. Things like blogging.

Also contributing to my silence the last couple of weeks is the strange sense of un-bitterness I've felt since the election. How am I supposed to help people with their misery when I'm feeling so fucking Mary Poppinsish?

I'm considering changing the name of the site from Hairshirt to Fluffy Terry Cloth Robe and writing about nothing but bunnies and pretty clouds from here on out.

Thank God my students still tell me to fuck off or I'd be an Osmond.

Don't forget to toss in the occasional unicorn post.

(Parenthood has been known to soften many a hairshirt.) more lecturing me on not posting often enough.
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