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Saturday, November 01, 2008


(Not) At the Movies

Bit of a revelation this week.

I come home from work yesterday and pick up our mail from the box. As it's Friday, the new Entertainment Weekly is in there and, wouldn't you know it, it's the Holiday Movie Preview. (Which is not nearly as cool as the Summer or Fall previews, but whatever.)

Anyway, I'm looking at Daniel Craig on the cover and trying to decide if I want to go see the new Bond movie when it all of a sudden hits me: It doesn't matter if I want to see it or not. We've got a new baby, so we're not going to get out to see a movie 'til fucking Memorial Day, man.

I mean, it's not like my wife and I have ever been on-the-town scenesters or anything, but we have been known to get our movie on. It's been a little while since there was anything out there I really wanted to see, but now we've got Zack & Miri Make a Porno coming out and then it's Oscar-bait season and we're going to see none of them. Hell, I may have to start buying pirated movies on the subway just to keep up.

Truly, this is the dark side of parenting.

My husband died when our son was only two weeks old and I was only 18, so my social life was seriously altered, too. Fortunately, I had my parents to help when I began to crawl the walls, needing to get out.

Do you have any family or friends who could come over for a couple of hours? It's important to get out and not to lose yourselves in a new little one. Everyone, including your baby, will be the happier for it. There's no reason to sacrifice things that make you happy, especially now that there are extra demands on both of you.
My oldest will be eleven soon. We used to go to the movies once a week before she was born, now we go once a year. Maybe.

I've got two words for you.

Patience & Netflix.

PS Just wait till you have to start watching Little Dude's movies...over and over and over again. Good times.
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