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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Alone Again, Naturally

I have no real excuse.

I simply haven't felt like writing over the past week-plus, I guess. Oh, sure, there was the usual baby stuff to deal with. I mean, when my wife is relatively stuck to the house on her own all day, she generally wants to leave the premises--if only to run errands--when I get home. But there was still plenty of time to write when we got home, I suppose, if I could have forced myself to watch less Jeopardy!

And, yes, my sister-in-law was visiting this past weekend, which meant I had slightly less time to vomit my thoughts through the keyboard. But I managed to find time in there to watch a Young Comedians special circa 1991 (holy shit! Jon Stewart's gotten old!) and I could have used that time to jerk out one fucking Hairshirt Horoscope. But nope!

No excuses. I'm just a lazy fuck.

So what's changed? Good question. Answer: I'm the loneliest man on the planet.

My wife has flown the coop with my kid. They've gone to Seattle so that her parents can, I don't know, actually spend time with their grandson or some such shit. No, I'm glad she did. It's nice for her to get to be with family and it's really important for the Kid to be around his grandparents (witness the previously written-about Thanksgiving journey for more on my commitment to this idea.)

It's just that I've never been good when my wife's away. And now you add in the fact that I haven't seen my kid for around 26 hours and I'm just pathetic. So I'm trying to keep myself busy. I've got a list of twenty things I need to accomplish before I fly out to join them next Wednesday.

I've gotten six of those things done already (none of the really big ones, honey, 'cause, as I said above, I'm a lazy fuck) and time has not dragged on quite so much as it might. It helps, as well, that my wife knows what a whiny douche I am at times like these and she's done here best to send me pictures of the kid every so often instead of, y'know, visiting with her family.

Now, blogging is not on my list. But I figured I'd try to get some of it done, anyway, like, in-between cleaning the bathroom and making sugared cranberries. I'll also probably wash my hands in-between those tasks.

You, sir, are adorable. We miss you terribly.

--Your wife.
Oh, dear. You'll get through this. It's that holiday grunge that hits us all regardless of what's happening.

In the meantime DON'T ride the buses when you get to Seattle. (Seriously, Google up the Seattle news from yesterday).
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