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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Giddy with Anticipation

Oh my god, y'all.

I just saw a commercial for that new movie with Renee Zellwegger! Apparently, she plays a big-city gal who moves to the country! And she don't fit in!

Now I don't want to take a guess at the plot, 'cause I'm sure it's real inventive, but I do know that Harry Connick, Jr. is in there, so I've gotta guess there might could be some romance.

Well, Little Joe's Must-See Movie List just got a new number one, with a bullet!

Hey, now. Don't mock. If it's got Harry Connick, Jr., in it, I'll probably be the first one in line! I love that guy!
what in hell has happened? that guy was a primo musician. i guess ain't no money in jazz, baby. not unless it's smoove.
Isn't that essentially the same plot as "Brassed Off" but with midwestern folks instead of British coal miners? And no band? Wait- maybe that's where Harry Connick Jr. comes in!
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