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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Inauguration Day

The moment was pretty much as cool as I'd figured it would be. He put the hand on the Lincoln Bible and, boom, he was President. I smiled incredibly wide.

Then I sat back to listen to his address and slowly realized that an auditorium full of kindergartners is not the best listening venue for this sort of thing. See, kindergartners know that the nice man on the screen is Important and that it's a Good Thing that's happening, but they don't really give two squirts of goat piss about what the nice man has to say.

So every teacher in the room spent the entirety of the speech shushing six-year-olds and didn't get to hear much.

Still cool.

The coolest.
I got to shush 8th graders as I was watching, and also came to the conclusion that it was pretty cool anyway too!
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