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Sunday, January 11, 2009


We All Scream

So there's this ice cream. I read about it in New York Magazine, in an article about mobile food and, weeks and weeks later, I stumbled across their truck outside of the supermarket. As I always do what magazines tell me, I bought a pint and brought it home to my then-pregnant wife. We each took a bite, then spooned the rest onto the couch and rolled around in it, as this ice cream was something you didn't just want to eat, you really wanted to be encased in it.

Come October, I was shocked and appalled when the truck was consistently missing from its place outside Fairway. I sent an e-mail to the company and was sent a reply which said, in part, "It's October. We sell ice cream out of a truck. See you in the Spring, dipshit."

But recently, I learned that the company, Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream, would be selling pints of their product at Whole Foods. So, tonight, my wife and I bundled up the child and hiked down to Columbus Circle, where we secured some Van Leeuwen chocolate, which I have just consumed.

Great googly moogly, people. If you're in town, especially if it's Summer and you can find one of their trucks, you should try this stuff. I've learned over the years to not hype things too heavily, because someone invariably tries it on your recommendation and flings a derisive "Meh" in your face.

Bring it on, says I. This ice cream is goooood.

It's how cold in NY and you're bundling up the baby to walk to the store for ice cream?

I'm taking your word for it. Please send some. Stat!
Ice cream is my 2nd vice, barely eked out of first place by wine. I especially like good ice cream. If I could try this brand I would.

Do they have the sweet cream flavor? I'd walk all the way to NYC for that.
Please please please tell me it's so good because it's made out of PEOPLE!??

I need to get back to the Big Apple and try it!

Man do I love eating and/or wearing people! (And technically their feces also.)
Lisa--When the U.S. Postal Service can guarantee that no crystals will form on the surface of the container, I'll send some along.

Steph--They do not, I believe, have sweet cream, but they've got a nice variety.

Mr. Popik--The only flavor made from people is Junkies-n-Cream, which I believe is made from dead junkies. I haven't tried that one.
I'm sorry, Anonymous, you'll have to be more specific.
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