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Sunday, February 01, 2009



Just like that, my last tiny little shred of respect for Saturday Night Live has been flushed down the toilet and I will never, ever--fucking ever--watch the show again.

I chuckled mildly at the first three or four dozen "MacGruber" sketches. I think Will Forte can be fairly funny. Not the majority of the time, but occasionally. It should have been retired about two years ago, but whatever. It's SNL.

This morning, I'm watching last night's god-awful episode with Steve Martin--who truly deserves the Pink Panther remakes--and they bring back MacGruber. They've got Richard Dean Anderson, which isn't exactly funny, but it's nice to know he's not dead.

And then, in the middle of the sketch, Will Forte pulls out a can of Pepsi. I'm thinking, "Wow. What lame fucking product placement. Just not well done at all." I fast-forward through about three-quarters of the rest of the episode and promptly forget I'd watched it.

Ten minutes ago, I'm doing dishes and watching, from the kitchen, what's shockingly turned into a kind of interesting Super Bowl and I hear the MacGruber theme. "No," I'm thinking. "They wouldn't do that...would they?"

They did. They re-ran the lame-ass sketch from last night, in its entirety.

So now, SNL is dead to me. Actually, I'm pretty sure it's been dead for a long, long time and I'm just now noticing the corpse's stench, but whatever the case may be, I'll no longer be a part of it. Lorne Michaels, you belong in the foulest depths of Hell. Where you'll no doubt have plenty of Pepsi to drink, you prick.

The only thing I know of Will Forte was his participation in Demetri Martin's Personal Information Waltz. I haven't watched SNL for years. It's time to move on, I think...
I caught that bit during the Super Bowl break. I wasn't sure what the hell was going on... This can't really be a commercial, can it? Not only lame but painfully lame. Almost as bad as the Ed McMahon commercial for Cash4Gold.
good. the show has sucked for 15 yrs. imo.
C-L: The routine with Demetri Martin was awesome. And he also had a great guest spot on 30 Rock, playing the valet to Paul Reubens' freakish prince.

R.T.: That was the saddest commercial I've ever seen. Seriously, they could have been advertising pre-tied Hangman's Nooses (Neese?) and it wouldn't have been any more pathetic.

(S)wine: I realize the show has sucked for a long time. In fact, it pretty much started going downhill with the second episode. But I love sketch comedy and I love what the show used to be when I was a kid and, with DVR, I can watch when I want and skip ahead when something starts to massively suck. Which means I'm watching about ten percent of the show these days.
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