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Sunday, February 01, 2009


Balls, Grow Some

I don't hate Republicans. You can't paint that large of a group with the same brush. But there's a giant mess of them that are just massive fucking doucheknuckles. They're kind of like Biff from Back to the Future. The first one. They're horrible bullies and, let's just go ahead and say they're rapists, too. We'll take it that far if you say that our economy is being played by Lea Thompson.

And the Democrats are most definitely George McFly here. They're in charge. They have the power. But they're more than happy to let the Republicans borrow (and wreck) the car.

To a certain degree, I understand that the Democrats don't have a 60 seat majority in the Senate, and so they can't just do whatever they want. I understand as well that it's better to be inclusive and not to wave your junk in the opposition's face and that the Democrats should not just continue to do things the way they've been done for the last eight years.

But come on.

I sat listening to Senator Jim DeMint on This Week this morning, whining about the stimulus package and arguing that we should just let Free Market Economics take care of things. DeMint and the ideas he stands for are what got us into this situation. Letting business do whatever the fuck it wants leads to a handful of greedy assmunchers fucking the general public over so they can own another three vacation homes.

Obama and the rest of the Democrats won in November because the country doesn't want things done the way they were under Bush, so this is the time for them to take charge. Do things your way and if the other party doesn't like it, tough shit.

They need to be the George McFly, the successful novelist, not George McFly, the office drone.

Wait - free market doesn't work? I could swear that all that regulation was what caused this mess. Damn out of control regulators enforcing rules to protect us and our money.
Tee hee. The Back to the Future comparison is brilliant. I love Hairshirt.
Lisa: Sorry to have to break it to you.

T.B.: And Hairshirt picks the love off the floor, dusts it off and throws it right back at ya.
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