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Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Moron of the Month (and It's Only the Third)

Seriously, what the fuck is so hard about paying your taxes? If the math is too difficult for you to figure out because you're "...really more of a word person," then hire a goddamn accountant.

I realize it gets trickier when you make a whole lot of money, but you know what you should do when that becomes the case? Pay your accountant more!

You're in politics, where people who don't like you are going to be looking for turds to throw at your head. Why would you want to just hand them a Hefty bag full of leavings?

Tom Daschle, you're a dumbshit and try not to leave any residual Loser in the room on the way out.

I couldn't agree more! Anyone without enough common sense to pay their taxes needs NO place of authority in this country.
Hey Tom, the short bus called and it wants it's driver back.
Is the baby getting to you? You're sounding a little cranky.
Re: taxes - Right, pay 'em. BUT, way too complicated. Pages and pages and idiot investments just so you get some kind of incentive deal - it's all nuts.
Re: Saturday Night Live - They've always been Pepsi - remember "Pepsi, Pepsi, chips"? When we all know Coke is better, and water even better. And the disposable diaper thing was horrifically funny.
So, relax. He'll be asking for car keys before you know it.
And I love those little word verifications! Prizi. Imagine.
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