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Sunday, March 22, 2009


...and Goodnight to the Old Lady Whispering "Hush"

Hey folks. I have had the thought in recent months--and heard it expressed by others, as well--that the personal blog may be dying, done in by Facebook and Twitter and other ways to connect with others and/or express oneself online. I know I do not check other people's blogs with the regularity I used to. Nor do I write new posts on this site with anything like the gusto I used to.

And so I'm going to go ahead and close up shop for awhile. Not forever, but for the near future, at any rate. I've come to a few realizations lately, I guess. Having my son has made me realize that I need to set a better example, which would include finding the drive in myself to actually pursue my dreams instead of just letting them kind of peter out. Taking time off for paternity leave has driven home the fact that I don't think I want to be a teacher forever. Putting these two eureka moments together equals an imperative that I get off my ass and get some actual writing done.

So I'm going to focus my energies elsewhere for the time being. I'm not closing this blog down. I know there will be things I want to write here. And there may be a time down the road when I get back in the habit of posting regularly. But for now, Hairshirt's going to be hibernating.

If you've been a regular reader--well, first off, I guess I'd ask what the hell's wrong with you. But I'd also like to say thanks. And if you have even a half-assed interest in reading anything I write down the road, please take a moment to e-mail me at and I will make certain to drop you a line when I start this thing up again.

Happy Trails,

Sorry to see you go -

with total respect for what you've decided.

Goodnight, goodnight. I've been dropping by every so often to see how you and Megan and the great Spencer G.J.W. are getting along -- I'll miss your blog.

Kristin O.
Poop. But I certainly understand your reasoning and wish you the best of luck in your pursuits. Let me know when you're back!!

Good luck!

Does this decision apply to half-assed no-listener podcasts as well?

You're a regular read for me, mon frer. Now I'll have to go read Deni's swill over at Out of Tune...

Good luck, and if you need someone to tell you the truth about anything you've written, send it my way.

Right now, I feel like cueing up a montage (bkgrnd mux=="I Need a Hero") of you writing intently, running in the park while thinking about writing, changing a diaper and powdering your boy's bottom while you redline a script, and painting and cleaning up the local playground to reinvigorate the community. The montage culminates with a freeze-frame high-five with your wife(who is of course holding Spencer) as you open up your acceptance letter from The Daily Show.

As awesome as that montage is, I'm gonna say to try for SNL because they really suck and could use some good writing!

Ah, even though we talked about this and I want to see your dreams realized, the shuttering of Hairshirt makes me a tad melancholy.
Oh, for crying out loud, baby bro. Now, I suppose I'll have to blog more...j/k. Well, please double up on my nephew's posts then! Love you guys, see ya next month.
Oh, sure, I quit reading for a month because I'm too busy reading Facebook posts, and this is what happens. Should I feel guilty? I will miss this blog!
I understand and wish you well, and will see in my reader when you've posted and come read your writing. I'm pretty sure there will continue to be sucky movies, so maybe a review here and there will entertain me- though I just don't know how I will get out of bed in the morning without my Hairshirt Horoscope. I haven't read it in two months and just ventured out of bed, and I'm going back. I'm kinda like a groundhog, by smell, at least.
ah the hell witchous. all the good ones are closing up shop. bastards, the lot o' yous.

(word verification: paparoncini wtf??)
How's the writing coming? I hope that all is well with you and your family!
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