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Monday, April 11, 2011


Wonderful, Vital Shows

The "dangerous job" sub-genre of reality show has been around for awhile and shows no signs of abating, sadly. There are legions of devoted fans of shows like Deadliest Catch and Ice Road Truckers and their ilk.

Now, the Travel Channel has come up with another variation on this beaten-to-death horse: Triple Rush. Bike messengers! Extreme! Dangerous! Those bike shorts ride up, man! And sometimes, like, your shoelace could get caught in the chain and shit!

You gotta wonder what other EXTREME ideas Travel Channel has in store for us.
  • Coffee Jocks! Slurp on into the hardcore, high-pressure world of New York barristas! Demanding customers! Scones! Steam!
  • Car Wranglers! Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines! And readjust your mirror, seat and radio after the valets of Icon Parking's Time Square garage work their magic. What happens when Rajneesh scratches a '97 Camry?
  • The Leash! Dog walkers, man! What could be more extreme than having a pack of snarling Pekingese and Tea Cup Poodles secured by nothing more than a nylon strap? Claws! Teeth! Poop bags!
  • Mobile Men! Bomb squad? Losers! Firemen? Pussies! No job requires more guts than working Sales at the Verizon Store! Upselling! Contracts! Hair gel!
  • Bonz! What's life like for the sexy, souped-up septuagenarian docents at the Museum of Natural History? Extreme! School tours! Giving directions! Not getting paid! Extreme!
For my money, these all sound like winners, Travel Channel. To the Extreme!

Are you out of your fucking mind? You just gave them several new ideas, assclown! Lmao.
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