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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I'm A Masterful Costumer

So, the costume's finished. I have to say, I honestly think it looks better than you can tell from this picture.

I tried to talk my wife the photographer into doing a high-fashion-style photo shoot, but she was all, "Oh, I'm tired after driving two hours home from my high-pressure job as a lawyer." She's so whiny.

Anyway, here it is. Feast your eyes. (See, that's a pun of a sort, 'cause it's a food thing. I'm tired.)

Wait...did I miss the post that tells us WHY you're dressing up as pizza?

Is it because kids love pizza, and if you dress like pizza you can lure kids into raping/killing/skin-wearing situations? If so, I'm SO totally in. I guess I'll go as sausage pizza, though.
Shouldn't the cheese be yellow? Or is this albino cheese to appease the disabled, ugly children in your class?
Mmmm... polka dots...
Umm...that's a good look for you....

Are you "u-bake" or delivery???

Polka dots, my ass. Those are the most realistic cotton pepperoni you're ever going to see! Polka dots. I spot on your polka dots!
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