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Thursday, April 05, 2007


Stamp Project Update

Okay, so I've been into this Stamp Project for coming up on a week here and, until today, I hadn't written one goddamn letter. It's not easy, folks. There's all that writing and such.

But I got on it today. I cranked out six letters to friends all over the country and I'm dropping them in the mailbox tonight. So...six down.

Except that I also found thirteen more stamps today. Which just throws my balance all to hell. Now I've got more stamps and less time. Son of a bitch.

I think what's going to help is if people I write to actually write back. You get a dialogue going and it's a whole lot easier to use up stamps. But...will that work in this day and age, when e-mail and cell phones and astral projection make instant communication so much easier? Only time will tell, I suppose.

So: Day 6, 53 stamps, 6 letters sent. Oy.

You could just pick people out of the phone book & send them a nice (not creepy) little message anonymously. Pick names that sound like nice, old lonely people, such as "Hazel", "Gottfried", or "Seymour". Old people like letters, because we all know their good-for-nuthin' grandkids probably don't send them any.
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