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Monday, July 30, 2007


Extreme Ways

I'm once again being driven fucking insane because there's a song in my head that just refuses to goddamn come out.

We went to see a sneak preview of The Bourne Ultimatum last Thursday. They make you sign a statement swearing that you won't write anything about it, but I'll just go ahead and say it kicked fucking ass. I love these movies. I love that they don't insult your intelligence like some other summer action flicks I could name. I love the stunt work.

And I love the song that closes all of the movies out. As soon as the song kicks in over the last shot, I get all bouncy and excited. So this time I decided to download the song so that I could hear it whenever I want to and sort of recreate that Bourne excitement. Which is why there's now a Moby song on my iPod. And why that song is jammed on "repeat" in my fucking cranium.

To summarize, then: awesome movie. You should see it. Just don't listen to the end-credits song too much or you'll be cursing Moby' name and wanting to shove an ice-pick in your ear.

As I was so recently informed, shoving an ice pick in your ear won't help with the song in your head, even if it's Bryan Adams.

Unless you shove it in all the way and die. Then you're pretty much covered.
So that's Moby, huh? Yep, very's been stuck in my head for days as well, but only because I watched the first two movies recently on tv.
Sometimes, I start feeling down, depressed, browbeaten. Then I remember "Oh! Hairshirt Horoscope!" and I know that there is still joy in the world.

Then, I find there is no Hairshirt Horoscope this week. And I die a little inside.
Jesus Fish-Frying Christ, CL. Whine, whine, whine.

There. There's you horoscope. Happy now? Sheesh.
I got the bwooooop bwooooop thing going now, thanks.

I can't wait for the frackin' movie though.
Hahaha! You love me.
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