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Friday, July 04, 2008



It's Independence Day! It's time to get out there and engage in some conspicuous patriotism! Make sure nobody can accuse you of not loving this nation!

I'm going to eat a big piece of apple pie with fire crackers in it! What are you doing?

Drinks on the verandah, my specialty burgers, then fireworks at the lake.

Have a great day!
Same thing I do every year, to celebrate the birth of a nation (yes, that was intentional): Get drunk, make racial slurs and beat up on some weakling, all the while fomenting chants of "USA! USA! USA!"
I'm counting patriotic apparel and keeping score.

Flag shorts = 2 points
Flag hat = 3 points
Flag shirt = 1 point
Flag bikini = 10 points
Flag Speedo = 100 points

I'm up to 18 points.

Oh, and I'll probably drink beer later in honor of America.
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